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12.05.2021 UTC+1

COINGAIN - Welcome to the future of investing.

Get fully passive earnings up to +110 daily profit

Investment program
with limits

Coingain.app offers easy-to-use and legit investment program, where you can invest any deposit amount from $1 and get absolutely passive hourly earnings.

crypto-trading bot

Our self-made cryptocurrency trading bot shows excellent results at a short working distance, but, term and percentage of earnings are always different.

Randomized profit
for participants

Our participants earn in total 102.5%-110% per day, with terms 24 - 72 hours. Such a spread of numbers is obtained due to different values of robot trading results.

Your random hourly earnings
1.45% - 4.6% hourly

Total duration earnings percentage
102.5% - 110%

Total duration time
24 - 72 hours

Withdraw regulation
instant payments

Join program and start to make profit

Always profitable!

machine learning technology

Coingain.app specialists created a stock bot in early 2019 and tested and improved its work for almost a year.

The main difference from other analogues is the technology of machine learning, which allows you to improve the methods of trading bots every cycle.

  • Participants receive a share of our trading profit
  • We use only trusted trading strategies
  • Trading bot works without interruptions 24/7

3 easy steps to participate

become partner in 1 minute

Step #1: Create a new account, and login it with your personal data. It's free.
Step #2: Create new deposit with your favorite currency and any amount you want. Detailed information about investment conditions you can find on this page.
Step #3: Wait for deposit term expired (from 24 to 72 hours) and request withdraw or create new deposit. All payouts comes instantly to your personal wallet.
Still have a questions? Check out F.A.Q. page

Unbreakable protection

We are using unapproachable DDoS-protection and secure SSL-encryption. All operations are absolutely anonymous and safe.

Always in touch

Our support teammates are always ready to answer all your questions or suggestions. Please, contact us via your favorite social networks or e-mail, and we will try to answer you as fast as it possible.

Trading program

fully passive earning for every investor

Your random hourly earnings

1.45% - 4.6%

Random duration time for every deposit

24 - 72 hours

Total duration earnings percentage

102.5% - 110%

Withdraw regulation
Funds comes INSTANTLY on your wallet after request

Minimum deposit amount
$1 | $100 | 0.0005 | 0.035 | 0.1 | 200 | 10 | 250 | 0.1 | 0.02

Minimum withdraw amount
$1 | $5 | 0.0005 | 0.01 | 0.1 | 200 | 10 | 250 | 0.1 | 0.02

Limits rules
You can have 10 active deposits.

Limits increase
We increase limits at 00:00 (server time UTC+1)

Today limits (12.05.2021)
$1750 | 0.0320 | 0.43 | 4.93 | 3879 | 1228 | 13377 | 4.43 | 1.22

New limits (20.03.2021)
$2000 | 0.0366 | 0.49 | 5.63 | 4433 | 1404 | 15289 | 5.06 | 1.39

Become a part of our program right now!

make new deposit


Coin Gain Bot Pro 2.1.3 free

Our star product is CGBP (Coin Gain Bot Pro). Coin Gain Bot Pro 2.1.3 - ONLY KNOWS HOW TO WIN.

The price is 0$

Free access to the product forever.
Our earnings are included in the deposit and credited to us immediately.

Coin Gain Bot Pro 2.1.3 license

Limited opportunity to purchase your own robot.

An independent system will be installed and configured specifically for you.

Click on the button below for details, pricing and contact the sales center.

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Realtime trading history


We accept

Bounty program

Support our program and earn additional funds

YouTube promotion
Earn up to $2000 creating and sharing video-review

Learn more about bounty

Participant status

Unlimited earnings with our affiliate program

Participant status
3 levels of partner structure. Affiliate commission 2.5% - 1% - 0.5% for the first deposit

Learn more about affilate

The latest news

New update

Today we are pleased to present several important updates regarding the interface.

In addition, sales of personal trading bots have started.

Congratulations to our first customer on your purchase!

Today limits

  • USD:1750$
  • Bitcoin:0.0320 BTC
  • Ethereum:0.43 ETH
  • Litecoin:4.93 LTC
  • Dogecoin:3879 DOGE
  • Ripple:1228 XRP
  • TRON:13377 TRX
  • DASH:4.43 DASH
  • BCH:1.22 BCH
  • Maximum deposits:10

Next limits

  • USD:2000$
  • Bitcoin:0.0366 BTC
  • Ethereum:0.49 ETH
  • Litecoin:5.63 LTC
  • Dogecoin:4433 DOGE
  • Ripple:1404 XRP
  • TRON:15289 TRX
  • DASH:5.06 DASH
  • BCH:1.39 BCH
  • Maximum deposits:10
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Contact us

Feel free to contact us with any question, we will answer you as soon as it possible.

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